Miracle Glue
"Glues almost anything to anything!"

(Cyanoacrylate Adhesive)


Fishing and Hunting

Rods, lures, ties - particularly lures...(Use Miracle Glue!)

I've received amazing feedback at sportsman shows with Miracle Glue uses in this area - Fishing.  You can glue almost anything you need to with this great fishing glue: all kinds of lures, flies or a tip back on a rod.  Miracle Glue dries clear and flexible, is foam safe and and has a much longer shelf life than Superglue or Krazy Glue. The solvents in Super Glue and Krazy Glue are damaging to  plastics and foams. Not so with Miracle Glue.  So your lures will remain flexible and won't get destroyed by Miracle Glue.  And they'll be totally waterproof.  Once cured it is non-toxic so there will be no effect from the glue in the water.

There was a great article from the Fishing and Hunting News on using Miracle Glue as a fishing glue to make a special lure for catching Steelhead. (See below - I've given you some sections of the article.)   (SEE THE FULL ARTICLE HERE.)

Here is the information on the article "Mr Steelhead, meet Mr Wiggly".  Somewhat paraphrased but... The article was by Ray Hoglund of  Fishing and Hunting News(Oregon) March 14-28, 2002.  

       "Dave Robinson thinks he's found a way to build a better mouse trap.  He insists he's found a better way to catch steelhead.  Using a glue that stays bonded in water, he's married a drift bobber and the tails of a Mister Twister twin tail grub, creating what he calls a 'Mr. Wiggly' ... Starting with a Corky drift bobber, he glued the tails of the plastic grub to it and, thus,Mr. Wiggly was born.  It looks fishy and a growing number of Northwest steelhead fisherman swear by them.  ...maintains its bond in water. ... As head of Columbia Sportswear in Portland ... To make sure they work, we checked with several people who have fished with Robinson and his Mr Wiggly.  Dave Schamp, former F&H News columnist fished the Siletz River when the lure was still in the experimental stage.  'They work. I've seen them in action ... caught 5 Steelhead that day, three of which came on the new lure'.   ... fairly easy to make.  Robinson has used Corkies and Spin-N-Glos and a variety of other drift bobbers. Corkies are the favorite...Next you need the right glue... go to the website www.miracleglue.com...." 

Aside from the above it will repair almost any of your other lures - various plastic lures that become torn can be glued back together.  You can create them or repair them.  I have glued almost every combination together - the ones it won't do are the very oily ones - nothing will stick those!!  You can also use the glue to attach the lure to a hook. 

Other uses :  You can use the glue to hold your knots fast.  Tie the knot then add a drop of glue. One can even tie knots in Tuff Line (SpectraŽ) and they won't come apart.  This line is very sleek and normally won't glue very well but Miracle Glue locks the knots in place.

Neoprene Waders!  Glue them edge to edge or patch them - they'll stay flexible and waterproof.  Miracle Glue will not melt the neoprene as it contains no solvents.

"Thanks for the information.  Here is a tip.

We spend a lot of time at Lake Powell and love to Wake Board.  Ski and Wake Board boots are mostly made out of Neoprene material.  Since they are tight fitting they tend to tear occasionally.  Fresh Miracle Glue will mend the neoprene very well.  ...  The repaired boots have now torn in other places but the Miracle Glue mend is still holding. 
Have a great day!

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